There is no need for this website to include much about the basic sexual physiology of male and female, because it is so readily available in many places. But for those who would like a basic review, you can find one here.  It includes discussion of a large number of the “basic” facts of sexual physiology: the physiology of arousal and erection (in both male and female), the importance of the psyche in the arousal process, the role of lubrication which can be natural or artificial), orgasm and ejaculation in men and women, post-coital detumescence and refractory periods. It also includes discussion of the sexual response cycle (male and female): desire, excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. (I have some words of my own about the sexual response cycle here.) Finally, it includes an overview of various physical problems with sexual activity as well.

Sexual physiology - female
Sexual physiology - male

Sexual intercourse is a complex activity that is obviously deeply rooted in the physical differences of men and women, and it’s good to understand that sexual physiology — what makes men men (physically) and women women (physically), and how they unite sexually in intercourse. Too often, the physical side of lovemaking is overemphasized, at the expense of the psychological, emotional, and spiritual, but there are ways of underestimating the physical side too. There is a surprising amount of silliness today about what constitutes maleness and femaleness, in the service of larger (distorted) ideological agendas. This website takes a common-sense understanding of what men and women are as a starting point.


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